Insight is central to every project. It’s the basis for strategy development and execution. Our targeted approach means we build tailored solutions to meet our clients’ specific business objectives.

We believe that, however you gather data, the real value lies in analysis and interpretation. Reading between the lines and using emotional as well as rational intelligence means we can unearth the insights that help our clients make better business decisions.

Our insight services include:
• Ethnography
• Usage and attitude studies
• Market and cultural trends
• Segmentation and audience identification / development
• Market sizing and forecasting
• Trend and opportunity analysis
• Value chain mapping
• Insight harvesting


Customer experience

A company which provides an outstanding experience for their customers will be rewarded with repeat business and recommendation.

Our dynamic and efficient approach to Customer Experience Management combines robust measures with rich insight. We will understand the reasons behind your sales performance and help you optimise your customer experience to increase sales, operational efficiency, and drive.

Our customer experience services include:
• Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Net Promoter Score (NPS)
• Customer journey mapping and optimisation
• Experience strategies
• Digital user experience consultancy

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Brand and communication

Creating a strong brand is critical for every business. Understanding which elements of your brand resonate with customers can help you build customer loyalty and, ultimately, boost sales.

Our approach helps us see how consumers perceive your products. We assess where your brand is weak and where it’s strong, and why.

Our brand and communication services include:

• Brand strategy
• Creative development
• Creative pre-tests
• Brand and product positioning
• Brand performance and measurement
• Benefit statement development and optimisation



Businesses today can’t afford to stand still. They have to be able to adapt to change quickly and effectively. By embracing innovation, companies can start to dictate change instead of reacting to it.

Unlike some agencies, we don’t just focus on consumer insight. We look at emerging trends and how they relate to your business as a whole. And we help you put your ideas into action.

We also understand that progress isn’t just about innovating. It’s about innovating at the right time. That’s where our iterative approach comes in. By working to a continuous engagement model, we can better adapt to changing client, consumer and market conditions.

Our innovation services include:

• Product strategy
• Ideation and co-creation
• Category development
• Concept testing
• Pricing and volumisation
• Product development
• User trials
• Beta testing